Stuffed Gibbons

Add some Jungle Fun to your Stuffed Animal collection with a Realistic looking Gibbon Stuffed Animal or Siamang Ape Plush Toy. We have a great selection of fun and cool looking Plush Toy Gibbons and Siamang Apes.

Welcome to the stuffed gibbon page of This Place is a Zoo. Here we have several high quality and cool looking gibbon ape stuffed animals. Gibbons are known as lesser apes because they are smaller than the great apes. There are many different species of gibbon. Some of the more popular species are the lar gibbon, the siamang, and hoolock gibbons. Gibbons come in several different colors, ranging from black to white, and including several different shades of brown fur. Gibbons are tailless and they are very agile and acrobatic. They enjoy swinging around in the jungle from tree to tree.

We have several cool looking and realistic looking stuffed toy gibbons. We have a hanging white handed plush toy gibbon, a black siamang stuffed animal ape, and several very life like looking stuffed gibbons made by Hansa. These nice quality stuffed gibbons make fun gifts for any child, and even some adult animal lovers. Please click on the icon pictures of each stuffed toy gibbon to get a better look at the detail and quality of these plush toy apes and buy your favorite today!

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