Stuffed Monkeys, Apes and Primates

Give a fun and cute gift with a Stuffed Toy Monkey, a Plush Toy Lemur or other Primate. We have a great selection of Ape Stuffed Animals, like the Gorilla, Orangutan, Gibbon, Chimpanzee and more!

Welcome to the Stuffed Monkeys, Apes and Primates section of This Place is a Zoo! This section has many realistic looking stuffed primates from around the world. Each stuffed monkey or ape is of high quality and is guaranteed to please the animal lover!

Apes consist of gibbons, orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos. Gibbons are found in Asia. All the rest are called great apes, and are found in Africa or Southeast Asia. Monkeys are also primates and sometimes the term ‘monkey’ is used casually to cover both monkeys and apes. There are many different species of monkey from around the world; most have tails, and most live in trees, but not all. The baboon is a monkey but lives on the ground. Finally, we have the other primates, like the tarsier, bush baby and lemur. Lemurs are primates and are native to the island of Madagascar, off of Africa. There are many different species of lemurs as well.

Please check out our great selection of stuffed monkeys, plush toy lemurs and ape stuffed animals. We have a wide variety of sizes, styles and price ranges. A stuffed monkey or plush toy gibbon or other ape can provide lots of fun to any child and can also make a great gift idea for any animal lover. Click on each section to see the complete listing of each monkey, ape and primate category that we have.

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