Stuffed White Tigers

Add an Exotic Plush Toy White Tiger to your Jungle Stuffed Animal collection. We have a big selection of Cute, Cuddly, and Cool Looking Stuffed Animal White Tigers and Life Like Large Plush White Tigers.

Move over Siegfried and Roy, stuffed animal white tigers coming through! You saw our huge bengal tiger page, now look at our awesome stuffed white tiger collection. Here we have several sizes of plush toy white tiger stuffed animals. We have smaller sized cute and cuddly plush white tiger cubs all the way up to huge realistic looking stuffed standing white tigers that are very life like.

You will fall in love with these magnificent big cats. These exotic white tigers are white due to a genetic mutation. They are not a separate breed of tiger and are very rare in the wild. Decorate your room today with one of these beautiful stuffed white tiger toys and turn your home into an exotic jungle sanctuary.

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