Stuffed Panthers

Give a Cool Exotic Panther Gift with a majestic Stuffed Toy Black Panther or a Cute and Cuddly Plush Animal Florida Panther. We have some awesome looking Panther Stuffed Animals that make great gift ideas.

Look at all these beautiful black panther stuffed animals! Black panther is a term used for any of the big cats with a genetically mutated condition called melanism. This melanistic gene causes an otherwise brightly colored animal to appear almost black. A black panther could actually be a black jaguar, a black leopard, or even a black tiger. Although the big cat appears to be black, under closer inspection, you can usually see some faint spots or stripes within the coat.

We have some awesome looking stuffed black panthers as well as some cute and cuddly plush toy panther cubs that are very soft and snuggly. Check out these beautiful stuffed panthers and plush toy panther cubs and add them to your stuffed animal collection today!

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