Stuffed Lions

Bring home the King of the Jungle with a Soft and Cute Plush Lion Cub or a Realistic Looking Toy Stuffed Lion. We have a big selection of Plush Toy Lion Stuffed Animals, including some awesome Stuffed White Lions.

The majestic lion, known as the king of the jungle, is a magnificent animal. It is second only to the tiger in size. The lion is native to sub-saharan Africa and Asia. Male lions are known for their beautiful and majestic manes and can weigh up to 550 lbs. Lions live in groups called ‘prides’. The lioness, or female lions, are usually the hunters of the pride.

We have a great selection of quality, realistic looking stuffed animal lions. We have stuffed lioness toys as well as plush toy baby lion cubs. We even have a couple hard to find white lion stuffed animal collectibles. Click on each stuffed lion icon picture to get a better look at these amazing stuffed lion animals.

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