Stuffed Leopards

Bring the beauty and intrigue of a Cool Looking Stuffed Animal Leopard to your home. We have a great selection of Realistic Plush Leopard Animals and lots of Soft and Cuddly Stuffed Snow Leopards to pick from.

We have many soft and cuddly plush leopard toys, including some beautiful stuffed snow leopards and plush toy clouded leopards. We even have a stuffed Anatolian leopard.

Leopards have a wide habitat ranging from parts of Africa to tropical Asia. The leopard, unlike most other big cats, has the ability to climb trees and even carry a large kill up the tree. Leopards have a similar coat to a jaguar but leopards are smaller and built more slender than jaguars. There are different subspecies of leopards and there are many variations in the coloring of the fur coat. The clouded leopard and the snow leopard have very beautiful coats.

Check out these amazing and beautiful stuffed leopard animals and add to your collection today! These leopard stuffed animals also make great gift ideas for children of all ages and animal lovers in general.

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