Stuffed Jaguars

Add an Exotic Stuffed Toy Black Jaguar or a Cute and Cuddly Plush Animal Spotted Jaguar to your Big Jungle Cat Plush Toy Collection.
Stuffed toy jaguars are one of the most exotic looking plush stuffed jungle cats. The jaguar is the largest big cat in the western hemisphere. Jaguars are normally yellowish with black spots but there is a melanistic morphism that can occur producing a jaguar that looks almost entirely black. These black jaguars may also be called black panthers. Jaguars are found mainly in Central and South America.

We have several cute and cuddly plush toy jaguars as well as life like and realistic looking stuffed jaguars to choose from. Whether you want a small soft toy jaguar cub for a child or for a gift, or a larger more realistic looking stuffed jaguar animal you will be sure to find some cool looking jaguar stuffed toys to choose from on this page.

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