Stuffed Cheetahs

Add the fastest Big Cat to your African Stuffed Animal collection with a Soft and Cuddly Cheetah Stuffed Toy Animal. We have a big selection of Cute and Realistic looking Plush Toy Cheetahs for you, your child, or to buy as a Gift.

Cheetahs are the worlds fastest land animal! A cheetah can run in short bursts up to 75 mph! The cheetah is native to Africa and parts of the Middle East and a plush toy cheetah can bring one home to you.

On this page we have a big selection of plush animal cheetahs. These stuffed cheetahs are sure to please. We have smaller sized cute and cuddly cheetah plush toys, as well as larger more realistic looking stuffed animals. The life sizes stuffed cheetah from Hansa is very realistic looking and awesome! These stuffed animal cheetahs make a great addition to any jungle or African themed room. Delight your friends with one of these nice stuffed toy cheetahs today!

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