Stuffed Red Pandas

Add a wild and exotic Jungle Stuffed Animal to your collection with a cute and cuddly Stuffed Toy Red Panda. We have lots of adorable Plush Toy Red Pandas to choose from in this section.

In this section we have several adorable plush toy red pandas to choose from. A stuffed animal red panda can make a great gift for a child or plush animal collector because they are so cute and cuddly and exotic. They are also a fairly uncommon animal and that makes it a great addition to any stuffed animal collection. You or your loved one will enjoy these quality stuffed red panda toys for years to come.
Red pandas are a very cute and cuddly looking animal. Although called a panda, red pandas are not related to the black and white giant panda. The giant panda is a bear whereas the red panda is not. The red panda is the only animal in its family, called Ailuridae. Red pandas live in the temporate forests of the Himalayas in China and western Nepal.

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