Down Under - Stuffed Animals from Australasia

Add a unique and cool looking Australian Stuffed Animal from Down Under to your Stuffed Animal Collection. We have a great selection of Quality and Realistic Plush Toy Animals from Australia.

G’day mate! We’re heading to the outback to take a look at some of these awesome and amazing stuffed toy animals from Australia. Some of the worlds most unique and enjoyable animals live in Australia and the surrounding areas. Most of the worlds marsupials come from Australia, and so do koalas, kookaburra birds and the platypus.

In this Australian stuffed animal section we have all the popular animals that you would expect to find in Australia, like the kangaroo, koala, wombat, platypus and kookaburra. But we also have some more unique and harder to find stuffed animals from down under, like the saltwater crocodile (crikey!), the flying fox bat, the bilby, echidna, komodo dragon and more! So if you are looking for some stuffed plush animals from Australia, then you have come to the right place.

Most of our plush toy Australian animals are more realistic looking and make great display pieces, however, some of them are also soft and cuddly plush toy animals. So put on your khakis and hiking boots and lets go see what we can discover in this amazing section of Australian plush toy animals!

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