Stuffed Antelopes, Wildebeest, Gnus and Gazelles

Go on a Stuffed Safari with us and bring home a Cute Stuffed Gazelle or Gemsbok Antelope, or bag an elusive Plush Toy Wildebeest or Gnu. We have many types of realistic Toy Stuffed Antelopes to choose from.

This page has our cool selection of cute and cuddly stuffed toy antelopes. There are about 90 different species of antelope. Most of them are native to Africa but some come from Asia. We have several nice stuffed antelope species including the plush gemsbok, which is a large sized antelope in the oryx genus. We also have the stuffed giant eland which is the largest species of antelope. We also have a stuffed Thompson’s gazelle, which is the most common type of gazelle, especially in the serengeti region of Kenya and Tanzania. Finally, we have several stuffed wildebeest animals, also called gnus. The name wildebeest means wild beast, or wild cattle, in Dutch.

These plush toy gazelles, gnus and antelopes would make a great addition to any collection of African stuffed animals. Our stuffed antelope animals are realistic looking and high quality. They are also educational and fun.

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