Stuffed Skunks

Freshen up your Forest Stuffed Animal collection with a Cute and Cuddly Stuffed Toy Skunk. We have several adorable Plush Toy Skunks that are fun to snuggle with, and they don’t even stink!

You don’t have to hold your nose on this page because our stuffed animal skunks are fresh as can be. Skunks are notorious for their strong odor that they spray when trying to keep predators away. But our plush toy skunks won’t spray you because they will be happy to have found a new home where they can be loved and played with.

Skunks are omnivorous and will eat everything from small lizards, salamanders and rodents, to eggs, roots, nuts, and grasses. A baby skunk is called a kit and will stay with its mother until about a year of age.

Our plush toy skunks are made by various manufacturers. We only carry skunk stuffed toys that are quality made and safety tested. You can be sure that any skunk stuffed animal that you buy from us will be a quality product and provide lots of fun and cuddles. Click on each stuffed toy skunk picture to get a better look at each plush skunk and pick out your favorite today!

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