Stuffed Water Fowl - Ducks, Geese, Swans, Etc.

Add a cool looking Plush Toy Loon, Stuffed Animal Goose, or Life Like Stuffed Crane or Heron to your Stuffed Waterfowl Collection. We have a Large Selection of Realistic Stuffed Ducks, Geese and other Waterfowl that will greatly enhance your Plush Bird Collection.

Welcome to our Stuffed Waterfowl page. This page features some great looking and very life like plush toy birds and waterfowl from the wetlands and marshes of North America. On this page you will find some very cool looking stuffed toy swans, in both black and white colors, lots of plush ducks, like the wood duck, the nene and the mallard duck. We even have some harder to find plush toy waterfowl, like a beautiful stuffed Canadian goose that is amazingly realistic looking, some great looking plush loon ducks, and a plush toy sandhill crane that is very life like and large. We even have a large plush blue heron that is very life like and amazing looking.

We bring in our duck and waterfowl stuffed animals from various designers and manufacturers, but they are all of high quality and would make a great animal gift to any stuffed animal collector. So check out each and every plush toy duck, swan, or crane, and pick out your favorite today!

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