Stuffed Hare and Wild Jack Rabbits

Take a look at these Cute and Cuddly Hare Stuffed Animals and Plush Toy Wild Bunny Rabbits. These are the version of Stuffed Hare and Jack Rabbit Plush Animals that you would find in the Wild.

Most people are familiar with the cute and cuddly bunny rabbits that you would find at the fair or at a farm. But this page features the wild version of jack rabbits and hares that you would find in the prairies and woods of North America. A hare is a larger sized wild rabbit that is found in the plains. Wild rabbits are also seen and hunted in the woodlands and grasslands of many areas.

Check out these adorable stuffed hares and wild jack rabbits on this page. For the domestic version of rabbits please check the ‘stuffed rabbit’ page in our Farm Section.

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