Life-Like Pigeons, Crows and Raven Prop Display Birds

These Realistic Looking Pigeons, Crows and Ravens make excellent Props for Movies or Plays. With Real Feathers and a Life Like Look you can find better Display Props than these Awesome Fake Birds.

When you are looking for that perfect realistic bird prop, look no further. These amazing fake pigeon and crow display birds are very life like and realistic looking. The fake pigeon birds come in a realistic gray color or a white color; and they also come in a standing position or a flying position. The faux birds are made with a hollow plastic base with real feathers overlayed. This gives them the most realistic and life like look possible. They also have plastic feet that will hold up well in case you need to glue or staple them down.

The pigeons make a great prop for a movie or play where there is a city scene or outdoor park scene. The fake crows also work for this purpose as well as in a halloween themed setting. Of course the fake raven props are very popular at halloween time for those scary scenes and displays. Each life like pigeon, raven or crow comes shipped in a rigid plastic package to help protect it during shipping. If they do get scuffed up in shipping, the feathers are easily moved and repositioned in their proper place. So have fun and get your next movie or play going with these realistic and life like display pigeons and crow prop birds.

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