Other Animals from Polar and Tundra Regions

Add a cool Stuffed Toy Animal from the Arctic region to your Stuffed Animal Collection. The Polar and Arctic areas are home to several wild and amazing animals like the Arctic Fox, the Ermine and the Puffin.

The cold harsh climates of the polar regions of the earth are host to a variety of unique and amazing animals that not only survive, but thrive, in these wild and extreme conditions. We have a special page for the polar bears and penguins, but this page is devoted to all the rest of the wild stuffed animals from the arctic and tundra regions of the north, and antarctica of the south pole.

In this section you will find lots of cool looking stuffed animals like a stuffed snow leopard, lots of plush toy arctic foxes and even a cute plush Norwegian lemming. Many of these animals live in the snow, like the ermine, snowshoe hare and the arctic fox. These animals usually have white fur to help camouflage them and protect them from predators. Some of the animals, like the stuffed harp seal and polar bear live in the icy waters and along the frozen shores of the Arctic. We also have some cool looking stuffed toy puffins. These fun arctic birds live along the coastlines of the far north. A plush toy puffin makes a fun and unique gift for child. We also have some great looking stuffed reindeer, or caribou stuffed animals that make great displays at Christmas time.

Our arctic stuffed animals are collected from quality plush toy manufacturers so you can be assured you are getting a quality plush animal when you buy from us. We do not carry any stuffed animals that appear to be poorly made or have inferior fabric. So whether you are looking for a quality stuffed toy ermine, a cuddly plush harp seal, or a fun plush arctic fox, be sure to check out this entire section of cool arctic stuffed animals that live in the ice and snow and add to your collecton today.

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