Other Stuffed Whales

Lots of Cool and Exotic Stuffed Animal Whales that are Fun and Educational. This section features quality Stuffed Whale Toys that are unique and harder to find. These fun Whale Stuffed Animals make Great Gifts.

Unique Stuffed Whales

You’ve seen our stuffed orca and humpback whale sections, now take a look at the rest of the stuffed whales that we have. Whales are fascinating creatures. First of all, they are the largest animal on earth! Whales are divided into two main suborder groups. One group is the odontoceti, or toothed whale. This group uses teeth to catch and kill their prey, and includes the orca, or killer whale, the beluga whale, the sperm whale and the pilot whale.

The other group are baleen whales which do not have teeth but rather screen small organisms, such as plankton or krill, from the water with their comblike ‘baleen’. These whales include the humpback whale, the blue whale, the bowhead whale and the minke whale.

Plush toy whales can make great gifts because they are educational, as well as fun, soft and cuddly. Cuddly up to a big plush whale today! We keep all of our plush toy whales in stock for quick shipment. We can also direct ship to a gift recipient to help save you time and postage costs.

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