Stuffed Squid Plush Toys

Add a cool looking Stuffed Toy Squid to your Marine Stuffed Animal collection. We have a big selection of Plush Squid Toys, both large and small.

Check out our big selection of squid stuffed animals! We have everything from a 30″ giant stuffed squid all the way down to a small finger puppet sized plush toy squid! A cool and exotic looking stuffed squid toy can be a difficult animal to find, so we finally decided to make our own. We have three sizes of stuffed squid made by This Place is a Zoo, as well as a couple from other manufacturers.

In the wild there are many varieties of squid ranging in size from less than an inch long to over 60′ in length! Squid are related to the octopus and eat fish and shellfish. Squid can change colors to blend in with their surroundings. No need to drive around from store to store looking for a plush toy squid, we have the best selection you’re going to find anywhere right here!

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