Stuffed Porpoises

Add a unique and hard to find Stuffed Animal Porpoise to your Marine Plush Animal collection. We have a great selection of cool looking and hard to find Dall’s Porpoise Stuffed Animal Toys, including a very fun Plush Toy Dall’s Porpoise Finger Puppet!

Look at these awesome stuffed animal porpoises! These hard to find stuffed porpoises are the unique design of This Place is a Zoo. The cool looking black and white plush porpoises are not orca whales, but are stuffed toy Dall’s Porpoises.

The Dall’s porpoise is a unique looking black and white species of porpoise found only in the North Pacific ocean. Dall’s porpoises are known to be deep divers and primarily eat smaller fish. We have several sizes of cool looking stuffed Dalls porpoises, from a small sized plush finger puppet, up to a big sized 24″ plush porpoise. Add one of these unique plush animal porpoises to your collection today!

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