Stuffed Jellyfish

Create an Under the Sea exotic paradise with some Hanging Stuffed Toy Jellyfish. We have a huge selection of colorful and cool looking Plush Jellyfish that will transform your room into an Octopuses Garden.

Jellyfish are an amazing and curious sea animal and make a very unique addition to a marine stuffed animal collection. Jellyfish are also called sea jellies, or just plain jellies, because they are not a true fish. Jellyfish come in all sorts of colors, ranging from white, pink, orange, blue, green and all sorts of hues in between. They also come in different shapes and sizes. Jellyfish are found throughout the world, in every ocean, from the surface of the water to the ocean floor, and even some in fresh water. Some jellyfish, such as the sea nettle have a painful sting. The man-o-war, which is not a true jellyfish, but similar, has a powerful sting.

We have several colors of plush toy jellyfish to choose from. A stuffed jellyfish can be a fun plush marine toy to have because it is one of the few stuffed marine animals that you can hang from the ceiling. Hang a few stuffed toy jellyfish from your childs bedroom ceiling and transform it into an underwater sanctuary. A stuffed animal jellyfish makes a great gift idea for anyone who likes mermaids or marine themed decor.

Click on the picture icon of each plush toy jellyfish and get a closer look so you can find your favorite one. We keep all of our stuffed toy jellyfish in stock, including the large stuffed jellyfish, for quick shipping.

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