Large Stuffed Jungle Animals

Amaze Your Friends with a Large Stuffed Elephant or Giant Stuffed Giraffe from the Zoo. We Carry a Huge Selection of Exotic and Wild Large Stuffed Animals from Around the World.

You can amaze your friends with one of these huge and awesome giant stuffed animals from the zoo. A huge stuffed animal that is life like or life sized can really bring the wow-factor to any room or display. A large exotic zoo stuffed animal can also make a great gift idea. Children and even some adults get quite excited about seeing a huge stuffed giraffe or a giant plush elephant. Add to this a big stuffed zebra or even a life size stuffed wolf or aardvark and your room will be become a wild exotic paradise of jumbo stuffed animals from around the world.

At This Place is a Zoo, we know the impact a quality and realistic looking large stuffed animal can make on any animal lover. That is why we are always on the lookout for new large stuffed zoo animals and life sized stuffed animals that look real and have that special spark.

We attempt to have most of our big stuffed animals in stock, however, some of the life size animals are drop shipped and are not available for express delivery or for international orders. Please allow a few additional days for shipping of these larger items. Shipping charges will be added to each purchase.

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