Faux Fur Plush Animal Skin Area Rugs

Bring the Wild Outdoors into your Cabin, Den or Family Room with a Faux Fur Stuffed Animal Rug. These Realistic Looking Plush Animal Skin Rugs make a great addition to any Rustic Home Decor.

Animal skin area rugs are a great way to create an old west or pioneer feel to a room. In days gone by a bear skin rug was a common site laying on the floor in the front of the cabin fireplace. There is just something cozy and adventurous about having a beautiful animal fur rug that brings the wild west into our living room or den. With a faux fur rug you can have that same rustic decor without having to display a real animal skin. Lets face it, there are more people than bears or buffalo, so unless you are a hunter living in the woods chances are you will not be bringing home an authentic animal fur rug anytime soon.

Faux fur animal print rugs are made of plush material like you would find on a stuffed animal toy. They are fun to sit on and watch tv, read, or just look at. Fake fur animal rugs make a great housewarming gift or as an accessory to a cabin or vacation home. On this page you will find several types of animal print rugs. We have a few different colors of faux fur bear rugs. We also have fake print deer, elk, moose and buffalo animal skin rugs. We even have a longhorn steer faux fur area rug. Click on the icon pictures of each fake animal skin rug and pick out your favorite today!

Please allow additional time for the delivery of these stuffed animal rugs. If you need them quick, please let us know, but we cannot guarantee timely shipment of these items. We are not able to ship these plush animal rugs via express or to international destinations.

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