Small Stuffed Pet Rats, Mice and Rodents

Surprise your friends with a Realistic Fake Rat Prop, or a Cute Stuffed Animal Mouse or Hamster. We have a great selection of Plush Toy Rodents and Life Like Faux Rat Display Props that are sure to please.

What child doesn’t want a pet rat, guinea pig, or hamster at some point in their childhood? Check out our huge selection of small stuffed pet rodents. Now your child can have a plush toy hamster, a cute stuffed animal guinea pig, or a cuddly stuffed mouse instead of the real thing. These fun stuffed animal rodents are much easier to take care of than the real thing. These cute and cuddly plush toy mice, hamsters and guinea pigs make excellent gift ideas and stocking stuffers.

Also, we have some very life like fake rat and mouse toys. These faux rat props look very realistic and can be used in plays, movies, television shows and museum displays, along with several other applications where a real looking fake rat or mouse is needed. These realistic fake rats come in 6″ and 8″ sizes, and also come in a gray or white color. These fake rats make excellent gag gifts as well, as can be used to scare your friends and send them running!

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