Stuffed Horses and Plush Toy Ponies

Toy Stuffed Horses are a Fun and Exciting Gift for Girls and Boys Alike! We have a Large selection of Horse Stuffed Animals, Plush Toy

Horses are an amazing animal blending the perfect combination of power and gracefulness. Throughout history, horses have been used as works animals on the farm, war horses, race horses, draft horses, pulling horse drawn carriages, and just plain riding horses. Indians used to ride their wild paint horses bareback. Ancient civilizations used to ride horse drawn chariots. Large clydesdale draft horses are paired in teams to pull plows, and have even been hitched up in large numbers, like an eight horse hitch, or even larger, to pull commercial vehicles, like the Budweiser draft horse teams. There is almost no end to the ways horses have been used and enjoyed over the centuries.

With stuffed animal horses you can enjoy the various breeds and types of horses without having to feed them. There are many different types and colors of horse, like the bay horse, the appaloosa, the pinto, or paint horse, shetland ponies, black, white and gray mares and stallions. And of course, don’t forget the ponies and colts. Plush toy baby horses, or colts, are very popular with smaller kids. Stuffed toy horses and ponies can provide a great learning opportunity for kids and at the same time provide hours of interactive fun and creative imaginative play. The best thing about a stuffed pony or horse is that you can snuggle with it, carry it around, or cuddle with it while you are sleeping.

In this section you will find a large selection of plush animal horses and ponies. These stuffed horses come in all colors and sizes. From a smaller pink plush pony to a giant stuffed horse you will be able to find your stuffed horse in this section. We also have some smaller plush horses that have an attached blanket or saddle. These toy stuffed horses make great gifts for girls and boys alike. So saddle up and look through this list of stuffed horse toys and pick out your favorite.

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