Turkey and Game Birds

Add a Life Like and Festive Game Bird Centerpiece Prop to your table with a Realistic Fake Turkey or Pheasant Stuffed Animal Display.

These beautiful stuffed plush turkeys and life like turkey display animals are simply amazing. We have a couple different sizes of gorgeous and life like stuffed animal turkeys made by Hansa. These huge plush turkeys are life sized, of high quality, and very realistic looking. We also have a couple sizes of life like faux turkey display props that are made with a hollow plastic base and covered with real feathers. Either of these awesome looking fake turkey animals make a great display piece for Thanksgiving decorations, either on the dinner table or on a buffet or focal point.

We also have regular plush toy turkeys for children and just plain fun. We have a small plush wild turkey that can make a great display item, or as a childs toy. And don’t forget about the pheasant or other game birds. We also have a couple of cool looking stuffed toy pheasants. These beautiful plush pheasant birds can also be used either as a display prop or just as a cool looking plush pheasant animal to play with.

So click on each turkey or pheasant picture icon to get a better look at the quality of these amazing stuffed toy animal game birds and find out which one will look best on your table.

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