Stuffed Cows

Add to your Toy Farm Animal Collection with some cool looking Cow Stuffed Animals. With a Plush Toy Bull or Longhorn Steer you can enhance your herd of Stuffed Animal Cows and build your own Stuffed Toy Farm.

With a cow stuffed animal toy you can add to your childs or your own farm stuffed animal collection. No toy farm is complete
without a couple of plush cow or bull toys. Whether it be a cool looking milking cow stuffed animal or a stately longhorn or beef cow stuffed toy, you or your child will feel like they really have a real farm going.

There are basically two types of cattle – beef cattle and dairy cows. Beef cattle are raised for their meat and include breeds such as the black angus, longhorn steer, hereford, and more. Dairy cows are raised for their milk. The most common dairy cows are the black and white Holstein cow, the cute Jersey cows with their adorable big eyes, the large Brown Swiss cow, the Guernsey, and the Aryshire.

In this stuffed cow toy collection, we have everything from a giant stuffed cow to a small plush toy cow suitable for babies and
toddlers. We have longhorn stuffed animals and other longhorn gifts, we also have some very cool plush toy bulls that are sure to be a big hit on the farm! These stuffed animal cows and bulls make great gifts for children who live on farms and children who wish they lived on a farm. Your child can have hours of fun with these great looking, high quality, stuffed toy cows and bulls.

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