Stuffed Chickens & Roosters

You will be Happy with the Life Like Quality of our Fake Chicken Hen and Rooster Props. Our Stuffed Toy Chickens and Plush Baby Chick Animals make Great Displays and will put a Happy Face on any Plush Chicken Lover.

Our fake chicken props and life like hen, chick and rooster display animals will make people happy when they see how realistic
these toy fake chickens can look. We have life sized fake chickens, including roosters, laying hens, standing hens with fake eggs,
and even baby chicks. These realistic toy chickens make excellent chicken displays for the fair, store displays, props for plays and
movies and more! You will be happy with the responses you get from these fake chicken toys when using them in a display. We carry several colors, breeds and styles of life like display chickens, including fake but realistic looking silkie rooster and hen display chickens. We have both brown and white fake hens and colorful display roosters.

We also have a nice selection of plush toy rooster, chick and hen stuffed toy chickens. These quality plush chicken toys are fun for children to play with and carry around. The stuffed animal chickens are soft and cuddly, but also realistic looking. In the plush toy chickens we have cool looking stuffed brown hens and white hens from Hansa. We also have some life sized red plush toy roosters and hens, and even cute and soft little plush toy baby chicks. Create a fun plush toy chicken coop or add a few plush toy chickens to your stuffed barnyard or farm.

There are so many ways to have fun with these plush chicken toys and life like display chickens. Add some fake eggs and you will have a virtual chicken coop in your home or store. I think I just heard the rooster crow!

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