Ducks and Geese

Create a Life Like Duck or Goose Display with our Realistic Stuffed Ducks and Geese Props. Or cuddle up to a Cute and Cuddly Plush Duck, Domestic Goose, Duckling, or Canada Goose Stuffed Toy Animal.

We have a great selection of hard to find realistic looking duck and geese displays. These life like duck or goose props make an excellent fake, but realistic looking duck or goose for a farm display at a fair, a country store, or even as a prop in a movie or play. These life like faux ducks and geese are made with a hollow plastic body base and then covered with real feathers to give them that authentic look. We have different colors of realistic faux ducks, including a mallard drake duck, a mallard hen duck, and a white domestic duck. We also have a couple different types of realistic goose display birds. These fake prop geese and ducks have rigid enough feet so they can stand on there own, but they may need to be propped up if they need to stay for a long time without falling.

If you are looking for a more cuddly, soft and huggable stuffed toy duck or goose, we also have a large selection of these as well. In the plush toy version we have a plush mallard duck, a stuffed toy white duck, a stuffed toy Canadian goose, and several cute and cuddly plush toy baby ducklings and goslings. Our plush Canadien geese from Hansa are very high qualtity and very realistic looking. And, our plush toy baby ducks are simply adorable.

So please check out these cool looking stuffed animal ducks and geese. Click on each icon picture to get a better look and more info of each quality plush toy or display duck and goose in this section.

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