Stuffed Dogs and Puppies

Bring Home a Large Realistic Stuffed Dog or a Cute and Soft Plush Puppy Toy Dog Today! Our Adorable and Life Size Stuffed Animal Dogs Make Great Gifts and Cuddly Companions for Dog Lovers!

Welcome to our huge selection of stuffed toy dogs. In this section we have many different choices of plush animal dogs separated by breed. Dogs are a mans best friend! Nobody on earth can show a person the level of unconditional love like a dog can. Dogs don’t care how you look, smell, or what you have done. They just want to be with you and give you their loyal companionship.

Dogs are one of the most extensively bred animals in history. It is commonly agreed that all dog breeds originate with the wolf. Through selective breeding many diverse dog breeds have been developed. Over 160 dog breeds are recognized by the AKC but there are many other breeds and hybrids that are not. Because of selective breeding we now have dogs that vary in size from a tiny toy chihuahua to a giant great dane. Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, dispositions, hair styles and purposes. Most dog breeds fit into the following general categories of functions: companion dogs, hunting dogs, guard dogs, herding dogs and working dogs. Of course, most dogs are more than that to their owners. Children and adults alike many times consider their pet dog or puppy as part of the family.

Please take some time and peruse our extensive list of stuffed animal dogs and plush puppies. We have a big range of sizes of stuffed dogs. We have a lot of smaller plush toy puppies which are soft and cuddly and great for young children. The cute and soft kohair plush puppies are excellent gifts for toddlers. The fabric on these plush puppy dogs is very soft and the child usually carries the puppy around with him or her everywhere. We also have several large and even life size realistic stuffed dogs that are high quality and sure to be a big hit. These large stuffed dogs make great gift ideas for the more mature dog lovers who want a realistic looking stuffed dog for decoration or as a memory.

Most of our stuffed dogs fall into the in-between stage where they are just the perfect size to carry around or set on your bed or pillow. They are not too small or too big. Some of the dogs are soft and floppy and some are rigid and standing. Whatever type of stuffed toy dog you are looking for you will probably be able to find it in this huge list of premium plush stuffed dogs. Click on the icon picture of each dog breed to see the list of stuffed animal dogs we have available in each section.

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