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Stuffed Toy Whales - Huge Selection of Whale Stuffed Animals
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Stuffed Animals

Whale Stuffed Animals

Bring Home a Cool Gift that is both Fun and Educational with a Realistic Whale Stuffed Animal. We have a Large Selection of Quality Plush Whale Toys and Life Like Stuffed Whale Gifts.

Stuffed Killer Orca WhalesStuffed Killer Orca WhalesHuge selection of quality stuffed orca and killer whales. We have small plush toy orcas which make great gifts for smaller children. We also have some giant killer whale stuffed animals. These large stuffed killer whales will be a big hit for your child or friend, or even yourself! 
Stuffed Beluga WhalesStuffed Beluga WhalesGreat selection of high quality stuffed beluga whales. We have a large variety of sizes of stuffed animal belugas, including large, jumbo sized plush belugas whales and a small beluga whale finger puppet! Stuffed Humpback WhalesStuffed Humpback WhalesHere you will find several sizes of great looking stuffed toy humpback whales. Please check out each stuffed humpback whale toy and see which one would make the perfect gift for your child or loved one.
Other Stuffed WhalesOther Stuffed WhalesLots of cool looking and harder to find stuffed toy whales in this section. In this section we have stuffed blue whales, a big stuffed sperm whale and more. These cool plush whale toys can be very educational as well as soft and cuddly.

Stuffed Toy Whales

     Welcome to the Stuffed Toy Whales section of This Place is a Zoo. You'll have a whale of a time with these quality stuffed plush whales. When looking for a stuffed whale gift you will want to make sure you are getting a quality brand and not just a cheap plush whale like you might find at the fair or a big box store. We have a great selection of stuffed animal whales of all sizes, from a small plush toy beluga whale to a giant stuffed orca whale. You will get a big eyed response when your child opens up one of these large stuffed whale gifts. 

      Whales are the largest living animal in the world. The giant blue whale is the largest animal ever known to exist. At almost 100 feet it is larger than even the dinosaurs!  Whales are divided into two main suborder groups. One group is the odontoceti, or toothed whale. This group uses teeth to catch and kill their prey, and includes the orca, or killer whale, the beluga whale, the sperm whale and the pilot whale. The other group are baleen whales which do not have teeth but rather screen small organisms, such as plankton or krill, from the water with their comb-like 'baleen'. These whales include the humpback whale, the blue whale, the bowhead whale and the minke whale.   

      You can find out more about each species of whale by clicking on each stuffed whale icon picture and exploring our amazing stuffed animal whales. You can be sure you will be able to find the perfect toy or gift plush whale for your child or friend in this section. Happy whaling!

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