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Stuffed Weasel - Plush Toy Weasels, Stoat and Ermine
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Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Toy Ermines, Stoats and Weasels

Add a Cute Stuffed Weasel or a beautiful Plush Toy Ermine to your Stuffed Forest Animal collection. We have some adorable and well made Weasel, Stoat, and Ermine Stuffed Animals that are sure to please.


   In this section you will find some very cute and cuddly stuffed toy animals from the mustela genus of the mustelidae family, like the weasel, mink and ermine, or stoat. These are the smaller members of the mustelid family. There are other larger mustelids, like the badger, otter and wolverine that we have on their own separate pages. 

   Our stuffed toy weasels and stoats are very cute and cuddly, as well as being high quality and realistic looking plush toys. We even have a beautiful white colored stuffed toy ermine, which is a stoat in it's all white winter coat. This excellent plush toy is a must have in any North American stuffed animal collection. Don't forget to add a cute stuffed animal weasel to your collection as well. We are continually trying to add realistic and unique plush toy animals to our collection at This Place is a Zoo.  

Ermine Stuffed Animal - 11" White Plush Toy Ermine (SKU: H4860)Ermine Stuffed Animal - 11" White Plush Toy Ermine (SKU: H4860)Here is a beautiful stuffed animal white ermine from Hansa. The ermine is a weasel.
Weasel Stuffed Animal - 13" Plush Toy Weasel (SKU: H3147)Weasel Stuffed Animal - 13" Plush Toy Weasel (SKU: H3147)Here is a great looking and hard to find stuffed animal weasel from Hansa. 

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