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Stuffed Warthogs - Cuddly Plush Toy Warthog Stuffed Animals
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Stuffed Warthogs

Stuffed Warthogs

Here are some great looking plush toy warthogs. The warthog is a wild pig that lives in the savanna, grasslands and woodlands of Africa. Warthogs have four wart like protrusions on their faces that give them their name. A warthog also has two pairs of tusks, the upper ones being much larger and curve upwards. Warthogs live in groups that are called 'sounders', they are not territorial but rather roam in a home range. Check out our nice stuffed warthog toys and click on the picture icons to get a better look at them.
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Warthog Stuffed Animal - 12" Plush Toy Warthog (SKU: WR12258)Warthog Stuffed Animal - 12" Plush Toy Warthog (SKU: WR12258) Here is a nice looking standing plush toy warthog. This soft stuffed warthog is about 12" in length. Warthogs live in Africa and eat just about anything, including dead animals. Warthogs will also occupy abandoned burrows of other animals. The warthog is not considered endangered.

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