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Stuffed Capybara - Plush Toy Capybara Stuffed Animal
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Stuffed Capybara

Stuffed Capybara

Yikes, the capybara is the worlds largest rodent! How would you like to have him lurking around in your pond or garage? Capybaras are from South America. They like to live where water is easily accessible and can be found in swamps, grasslands, and marsh edges. You might also find a them in drier areas as long as they can get to water easily. This cute stuffed toy capybara would love to find a new home so why don't you consider adding him to your stuffed animal collection.
Capybara Stuffed Animal - 12" Plush Toy Capybara (SKU: WR11706)The capybara is the worlds largest rodent. This soft plush toy capybara is part of the Wild Republic Cuddlekins collection. Capybaras are native to South America and live close to water. Capybaras are social animals and usually live in groups of 10-20 animals.
Plush Toy Capybara - 11" Stuffed Capybara from This Place is a Zoo (SKU: L010113)Here is a unique and hard to find stuffed capybara. The capybara is the worlds largest rodent and it is found along lakes and rivers and marshes of South America.

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