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Stuffed Animals and Fish From Under the Sea - Plush Toy Saltwater Animals
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Stuffed Animals

Under the Sea-Stuffed Marine Animals

Dive Under the Sea and search out some Amazing and Fun Marine Stuffed Animals from the Deep Blue Ocean. We have an Underwater Paradise of Unique and Realistic Looking Plush Toy Sea Animals from Under the Ocean.

    Welcome to the Under the Sea page of the Marine Section of This Place is a Zoo! On this page you will find many types of stuffed ocean animals and plush sea dwelling creatures. Put on your scuba gear and come with us into the mysterious ocean deep. We have one of the best collections of stuffed marine animals available on the web. Here you will discover many cool marine toys from under the deep blue sea. We have all types of plush marine animals that live in the ocean, including tropical fish, stingrays, sea turtles and more!

     Stuffed toy marine animals are a great way to decorate a childs room or create a mood at a party. Decorating a kids corner at a doctors or dentists office is another wonderful idea. Hang a fish net from the ceiling and fill it with a variety of plush toy fish and other plush marine animals and you can create an underwater paradise for the children to play in while waiting.

     We attempt to have all of our under the sea marine plush toys available for immediate shipping. Just click on the picture icon of each stuffed marine animal and get a closer look at the quality and detail of these realistic and fun stuffed marine toys.

Stuffed DolphinsStuffed DolphinsWe have several stuffed dolphin gifts to choose from in this section. We have some smaller sized plush toy dolphins that are cute and soft. We also have a couple giant sized stuffed dolphins that are big and cuddly.
Stuffed EelsStuffed EelsCool stuffed eels in this section. We have hard to find stuffed wolf eels and stuffed moray eels. These plush toy eels are unique and make a great addition to any deep sea plush toy animal collection. Stuffed JellyfishStuffed JellyfishWe have several colors of plush toy jellyfish to choose from. A stuffed jellyfish can be a fun plush marine toy to have because it is one of the few stuffed marine animals that you can hang from the ceiling.
Stuffed Lobsters and CrabsStuffed Lobsters and CrabsLots of realistic looking plush crabs and plush lobsters in this section. Here you will find cool stuffed animal lobsters, hermit crabs, horseshoe crabs, orange and red dungeness crabs and even a stuffed blue crab.
Stuffed ManateesStuffed ManateesA stuffed animal manatee is a great toy for any child because it can provide an educational opportunity and be soft and cuddly at the same time. Stuffed toy manatees are not a common plush animal to find so adding one to your stuffed animal collection is a great choice. 
Stuffed OctopusStuffed OctopusWe have several great looking stuffed toy octopus animals. These cool plush octopuses are cute, cuddly and sure to please. A stuffed octopus makes a great gift because it is both educational and fun to hold or have sitting on your bed. We have both small and large octopus plush toys in several different colors and sizes to fit every need. We even have a cute little finger puppet octopus that is sure to be a hit.  
Stuffed PorpoisesStuffed PorpoisesGreat selection of hard to find stuffed porpoises. We have several sizes of cool looking Dall's Porpoise stuffed toy animals in this section.  Stuffed RaysStuffed RaysGreat selection of stuffed animal rays, including stuffed stingrays, plush bat rays, blue spotted sting rays, plush eagle rays, manta rays and spotted ray stuffed toy animals.
Stuffed SeahorsesStuffed SeahorsesLots of cool looking stuffed animal seahorses in lots of colors. We have pastel colored plush seahorses, bright colored stuffed toy seahorses, and even a stuffed seahorse with baby. Stuffed Sea TurtlesStuffed Sea TurtlesThe sea turtle is one of the favorite stuffed animals from the under the sea category. Plush toy sea turtles can provide fun and excitement for children , as well as an educational opportunity.  Sea turtles, also called marine turtles, live in every ocean of the world, except for the Arctic.
Stuffed Squid Plush Toys Stuffed Tropical FishStuffed Tropical FishGreat collection of plush toy tropical fish and stuffed clown fish. We have lots of colorful stuffed tropical fish, like the flying fish, blue tang, clown fish, stuffed blow fish, and other assorted plush tropical fish, including some fun stuffed toy pufferfish.

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