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Stuffed Wild Big Cats from the Jungles of the World
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Stuffed Animals

Big Jungle Cat Stuffed Toy Animals

Add the Exotic to your Stuffed Animal collection with a Fierce Stuffed Tiger, Lion, or other Wild Big Cat Plush Toy. We have a great selection of Stuffed Leopards, Cheetahs, Panthers and other Big Cats.


   Check out this awesome section of stuffed big cat toys from the jungles, savannahs and forests of the world. In this stuffed wild cat section we have separate category pages of all the wild and awesome stuffed toy big cats you have come to love. Cool big feline cats, like the lion, tiger, leopard, jaguar, panther, cheetah, cougar and more. We have lots of cool looking and realistic looking stuffed tigers, both bengal tigers and white tigers. We also have some soft and cuddly plush toy lions, leopards and cheetahs. If you are looking for a life like or life sized big stuffed cat, we also have some amazing giant stuffed tigers and mountain lions.

   We try to keep all of our stuffed animals in stock for immediate shipment. Some of the larger stuffed cats are drop shipped and express shipping and international orders are not possible. Shipping charges will be added to each order. Click on the Thumbnail picture to get a better look at these beautiful stuffed jungle cats. We also have a nice selection of Large and Life Sized Cats in our 'JUMBO' Section.
Stuffed TigersStuffed TigersAmazing selection of cuddly, life like, and realistic looking stuffed bengal tigers. Stuffed White TigersStuffed White TigersEven Siegfried and Roy would be proud of our cool looking stuffed white tiger collection. Stuffed CheetahsStuffed CheetahsLots of cute and cuddly stuffed animal cheetahs in this section. Stuffed CougarsStuffed CougarsWhether you call it a cougar, a mountain lion, or a puma, you will like our quality stuffed animal big cat cougars.
Stuffed JaguarsStuffed JaguarsCool and exotic looking stuffed toy jaguars in this section, both black and spotted jaguars. Stuffed LeopardsStuffed LeopardsIn this exotic stuffed leopard category, you will find lots of soft and cuddly stuffed snow leopards, spotted leopards and even an Anatolian leopard. Stuffed LionsStuffed LionsThe King of the Jungle, the majestic stuffed lion is in this section. We have lots of cool looking plush toy lions, both large and small. Stuffed PanthersStuffed PanthersYou can track and find the elusive stuffed black panther, or even the Florida panther in this section.
Other Stuffed Wild CatsOther Stuffed Wild CatsThe rest of our exotic stuffed big wild cats, like the serval, the ocelot and the jaguarundi can be found in this section.

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