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Tarsier Stuffed Toy Animals - Cute and Cuddly Plush Tarsiers
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Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Toy Tarsiers

Stuffed Toy Tarsiers

Tarsiers are found in the wild in the islands of Southeast Asia. The tarsier is a small tree climbing animal with extra large eyes. Tarsiers are the only living primate that is entirely carnivorous. They eat primarily insects, but will also eat small birds, bats, lizards and snakes. These stuffed toy tarsiers are very cute and cuddly and sure to be a hit with any plush animal collector. 
Stuffed Tarsier

Stuffed Tarsier

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Tarsier Plush Animal - 6" Stuffed Toy Tarsier (SKU: A31234)Tarsier Plush Animal - 6" Stuffed Toy Tarsier (SKU: A31234)Here is a very cute plush tarsier from Aurora. The tarsier is an unusual mammal that lives in Southeast Asia, and in the rainforests and bamboo forests of Indonesia and the Philippines. The tarsier spends its entire life in trees.
Tarsier Stuffed Animal - 7" Stuffed Plush Toy Tarsier (SKU: H3964)Tarsier Stuffed Animal - 7" Stuffed Plush Toy Tarsier (SKU: H3964)Another hard to find plush animal from the collection of This Place is a Zoo. [Philippine] tarsiers have gray fur and a nearly naked tail. The middle finger is elongated. Tarsiers are named for their special elongated tarsal bones, which form their ankles and enable them to leap up to 10 feet from tree to tree.

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