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Stuffed Manatee - Plush Toy Manatees and Sea Cows
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Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Manatees

Give a cool gift with a cute and cuddly Stuffed Toy Manatee. We have some awesome looking Manatee Stuffed Animals that make great gifts for kids and big kids at heart.


   The manatee is an unusual marine animal and is a favorite sea animal of many people. The manatee is also called a sea cow. There are three living species of manatees and also a cousin, called the dugong. Manatees live in the warmer marshy coastal areas and will also travel upriver into fresh water areas. The manatee can grow up to 13 feet in length and weigh up to 1300 pounds! Manatees are herbivores and eat up to 60 different plant species.

    A stuffed animal manatee is a great toy for any child because it can provide an educational opportunity and be a soft and cuddly toy at the same time. Stuffed toy manatees are not a common plush animal to find so adding one to your marine stuffed animal collection is a great choice. 

Jumbo Plush Manatee - Large Stuffed Toy Manatee Cuddlekin (SKU: WR15881)Jumbo Plush Manatee - Large Stuffed Toy Manatee Cuddlekin (SKU: WR15881)Great looking large 30" stuffed manatee Cuddlekin from Wild Republic.
Manatee Stuffed Toy Animal - 15" CK Stuffed Manatee (SKU: WR11662)Manatee Stuffed Toy Animal - 15" CK Stuffed Manatee (SKU: WR11662)Nice looking stuffed animal manatee from the Wild Republic 'Cuddlekins' collection. 
Stuffed Toy Manatee - 15" Plush Animal Manatee (SKU: FA42047)Stuffed Toy Manatee - 15" Plush Animal Manatee (SKU: FA42047)This is a nice plush toy manatee from Fiesta. This stuffed manatee is about 15" in length.

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