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Exotic Stuffed Plush Toy Animals from the Jungle and Rainforest
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Stuffed Animals

Wild Stuffed Animals from the Jungle and Rainforest 

You are Now Entering the Wild and Exotic Rainforest and Jungle Stuffed Animal Section. Here you will find amazing and Realistic Stuffed Toy Animals from the Jungles and Rain Forest Regions of the World.

   It's a Jungle in here! There is no more exotic place on earth than the tropical rainforests and jungles of the world. The jungle is full of wild and dangerous animals as well as colorful and exotic jungle birds and other interesting creatures. Most of the worlds animal species live in the wild jungles. There are some rare and exotic animals deep in the rain forest that are just now being discovered! 

   Many jungle animals are nocturnal and you don't get to see them in the wild. Even in the zoo you may not get a very good glimpse of these aloof creatures. But with a cuddly plush zoo animal you can keep it with you at all times, put it on your bed, or place it in your toy box. 

   Collect several stuffed jungle animals and you can set up your own shelf or display of wild plush jungle toys. Set it in a backdrop or with some other jungle decor and you can transform your otherwise boring bedroom or den into a tropical jungle paradise filled with exotic stuffed jungle animals!

   Click on each stuffed animal icon picture to get a better look at each and every plush toy jungle animal that we have to offer. Also, please check out our Large section for some giant sized stuffed jungle animals that may not be on this page. 

Stuffed AnteatersStuffed AnteatersCurious and cuddly stuffed toy anteaters from the dry tropical forests, rainforests, grasslands and savannas of South America. Stuffed CapybaraStuffed CapybaraYikes! This stuffed capybara is the worlds largest rodent. It lives in South America, near bodies of water. Stuffed CoatimundiStuffed CoatimundiThe coatimundi, or simply, coati, is found throughout South and Central America, in the tropical rainforests, grasslands, and in the mountainous areas.  Stuffed Honey BadgerStuffed Honey BadgerSoft and cuddly stuffed honey badger, or ratel, from Wild Republic. The honey badger is native to Africa, India, and Southwest Asia.
Stuffed MongooseStuffed MongooseGreat looking stuffed mongoose plush animal toys. Stuffed PandasStuffed PandasWonderful section of cute and cuddly stuffed panda bears. Pandas come from the bamboo forests of China. Stuffed Red PandasStuffed Red PandasLots of cute and cuddly stuffed toy red pandas, also called lesser pandas. The red panda lives in the temporate forests of the Himalayas. Stuffed SlothStuffed SlothHuge selection of adorable, cute and realistic looking stuffed sloths. The sloth is a very unique wild animal that lives in the jungles of Central and South America.
Stuffed Sun BearsStuffed Sun BearsCool looking stuffed sun bears here. The sun bear can be found in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. Stuffed TapirStuffed TapirHere are some realistic looking stuffed tapir animals. The tapir lives in jungle and forest regions of South America, Central America and Southeast Asia. Stuffed Water BuffaloStuffed Water BuffaloWe have some cool, realistic looking stuffed water buffaloes.  

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