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Stuffed Animals

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Stuffed Animals
This Place is a Zoo

Build Your Own Zoo with Realistic Stuffed Animals from This Place is a Zoo. We have an Amazing Toy Stuffed Animal Collection full of Cute, Cuddly and Life Like Plush Stuffed Animals!

Big Stuffed AnimalsHuge selection of life-like and life sized large stuffed animals, ride-on stuffed animals, and giant plush stuffed animal toys. Wild Zoo AnimalsExotic selection of realistic and wild stuffed animals from around the world, featuring wild and exotic stuffed animals you might find in the zoo.  Northern AnimalsGreat selection of wild stuffed animals from the forests, prairies and mountains of North America and Europe. Some animals are very realistic and some are just cute and cuddly.
Domestic & PetsGreat selection of domestic stuffed animals, including stuffed farm animals, stuffed toy horses, stuffed dogs, cats and other pets, as well as plush camels, llamas and other domesticated animals.  Marine AnimalsOne of the best collections of marine stuffed animals on the web. We have many plush sea life toys from the shores and oceans of the world.  Fun Plush StuffA fun assortment of whimsical stuffed toys and plush gifts. In this section you will find everything from stuffed toy dinosaurs, huge stuffed wall mounted animal heads, whimsical plush toy animals and lots of other cool, fun gifts.
Gift CardsCan't figure out which stuffed animal gift to buy? No worries, a Stuffed Animal Gift Card from This Place is a Zoo makes a great gift for any stuffed animal lover.

The Role Toy Stuffed Animals Play

   From the moment a child is born it longs for comfort and security. The need for comfort and security will remain with the child even as it begins to grow and develop. As the young boy or girl matures they need more interaction and have an intense desire for learning. Creativity and imagination begin to blossom as the child grows. As children grow up and develop they need various toys and games that can help foster their creativity and learning  abilities. They also need things that provide comfort and security for them when their parents are not able to be with them.
   Stuffed animal toys can help meet a wide range of needs for your child. Soft and cuddly plush toys can provide the comfort and security that babies and younger children need.  As children get older, they want to pretend and use their imagination. Stuffed animals provide an excellent opportunity for this need as well. Children can interact, develop their communication skills and practice loving and taking care of their realistic stuffed animals. For decades children, both boys and girls, have been delighted with their various plush animals and toys. Kids love animals, and in this day and age, just don't have enough exposure to them. Stuffed animals can fill this void, especially for the animal lover. Some children and even adults just love animals and can' t get enough of them. 

   As their plush animal collections begin to grow, they learn about and appreciate the different looks and attributes of each kind of animal. Even grown men and women continue to collect life like stuffed animals throughout their life. It used to be that a few teddy bears and other plush toys were all that were available. Now, every year, stuffed animals continue to become better quality and more realistic looking than ever before. The selection and choices available continues to expand, to the delight of stuffed animal collectors everywhere.

   At This Place is a Zoo, we aim to provide one of the largest collections of realistic and quality stuffed animals available on the planet! We have a plush toy version of almost every type of animal in the animal kingdom. We have all sizes, from very small to life sized. We also have plush toys suitable for babies and toddlers as well as high quality, realistic looking, collectible animals for the most discriminating collector. We try to stock only well made quality stuffed toys and avoid the cheap stuff.

   Many of our stuffed animals have been used in movies and the theater, as movie props and play backdrops. Libraries, schools, and doctor and dentist offices have used our stuffed animals to create an animal fun zone, as well as using for teaching opportunities.  We have stuffed toy animals from every part of the world, including the ocean, the air, and even some extinct prehistoric animals as well. We are constantly adding to our stuffed animal collection so we can be the best source available for animal lovers everywhere.
   We want to be your go to guys when it comes to buying stuffed animal gifts and toys so we provide quick turn around time for shipping orders. We also try to provide excellent customer service and offer a money back guarantee. We can accommodate some wholesale inquiries and bulk purchases. We can ship most items anywhere in the world and offer express shipping options. You can check out the information more thoroughly on the shipping tab. So continue exploring the vast wild kingdom of stuffed animal toys and gifts at This Place is a Zoo! 

Why Choose This Place is a Zoo?

Why Choose This Place is a Zoo?

  • Premium Quality - This Place is a Zoo offers the best quality stuffed animals and we stand behind our products.
  • Complete Selection - We carry a wide variety of stuffed animals to meet your needs.
  • Easy Ordering - Order our plush toy products Online, by Phone, or Mail.
  • 100% Secure Ordering - This Place is a Zoo uses 128-bit encryption key over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to provide the highest level of security. SSL provides encryption between web browsers and web servers.

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